NWH’s Kids Love Jesus, Live like Jesus, and Make Him Known!

We have Sunday classroom programs for birth through 5th grade! This year our church will be focusing on making Jesus known so we will also be tying that theme into many of our classroom lessons and discussions.

We have chosen preschool and elementary curriculum that align well with our church’s vision and walk kids through a systematic understanding of the bible and salvation. Each lesson ties back to God’s bigger picture in the Bible of who Jesus is and what that means for each of us. Old Testament bible stories and New Testament teaching on Jesus all come together to see the bigger story of God’s plan for salvation.

From nursery all the way to 5th grade rooms our teachers care deeply about your kids and actively demonstrate the love of Jesus and show hearts of service each week. Our hope is that your kids feel safe, loved, and that they are directed towards a deeper relationship with Jesus each time they come to one of our classrooms.





While you’re enjoying our church service, our awesome team of hard-working, fun-loving volunteers will make sure that your kids are learning about Jesus, laughing, and having fun. (By the way, you’ll also be learning about Jesus, laughing, and having fun.) Age-appropriate classrooms are OPEN and staffed with incredible volunteers! Our volunteers are ready to play and care for your kids while that you can enjoy the service!

If you are visiting for the first time, visit our "New Families Check-In Station" in the middle of the courtyard to check your kiddos in for kids' programs. Our volunteers will make sure you get to the correct location!



Nursery & Preschool (Ages 0-4) Classroom Locations 


First Service @ 9am: 
Room A2: 0-1 year old
Room A1: 1 year old (Birthday by September 1)
Room B1: 2 years old (Birthday by September 1)
Room B2: 3 years old (Birthday by September 1)
Room B3: 4 years old (Birthday by September 1)

Second Service @ 10:45am: 
A2: 0-1 year old
A1: 1 year old (Birthday by September 1)
B1: 2 years old (Birthday by September 1)
B2: 3 years old (Birthday by September 1)
B3: 4 years old (Birthday by September 1)

Elementary (Grades K - 5) Classroom Locations

With the recent mandate (08.13.21) by Oregon governor, Kate Brown, we are requesting that

anyone over the age of 5-years old wear a mask inside. 

During our 9am Service: 

Room E3: Kindergarten/1st grade
Room E4: 2nd/3rd grades
Room D2: 4th/5th grades

During our 10:45am Service, all kids in grades K-5th will be in Room D2!


NWH Kids' Check-In & Pick Up

Nursery and Preschool Check-In
All kids birth-4 years old will check-in just outside their classrooms in the A and B wings located on either side of the lobby. At the check-in station, you will get a name label for your child and another one to go on the check-in sheet. You will also receive a bar code ticket that volunteers will use to match you with your child at pick-up. Please drop-off and pick-up your child at their classroom door. 

Elementary Check-In
K-5th grades will check-in at a station in the courtyard then be directed to their classrooms by volunteers. We would like parents to walk with kids and drop them off at their classroom door and also pick them up from those spaces to make sure everyone is safe and accounted for.

When we switch back to 2 services on September 12th elementary schoolers who will be attending both services will be walked from their classroom to D2 where kids church (K-5th grade) will meet during 2nd service. If your elementary-aged child is not staying for 2nd service kid’s church please pick them up at their classroom door. If your child is not picked up promptly within 5-7 minutes of service being released you can pick them up from D2.

Visiting Families Check-In

If it is your first time at NWH, instead of heading to a check-in station, stop by at our "New Families Check-In Station" in the middle of the courtyard. You'll be greeted by one of our incredible volunteers who will help you get your kiddos checked in with ease and to the correct classroom before the service starts!

We ask that you go to pick-up your kids as soon as possible after service. If your child is staying for both services you can check them in for both hours when you arrive so teachers will know that they will not be picked up in between services. We know it can be difficult to get to the classroom quickly but please make it a priority to pick up your kiddos before socializing so our classrooms can be cleaned and teachers can be on their way when class is finished.




Health Guidelines
Below is a helpful cheat sheet on the updated COVID guidelines we are following in classrooms. By following the guidelines outlined by the Oregon Department of Education and the Early Learning Division we feel confident we can keep kids and teachers healthy and continue to hold classes. You will be notified of any positive cases of COVID that occur in your child’s classroom that are reported to us. We will follow the recommendations from the state on quarantine periods and contact tracing.

We are mainly following these 5 health guidelines in classrooms:

1. Only well kids are allowed to attend church programs. Any kids with active symptoms will be sent home and not allowed to return until symptom-free for 24 hours prior to the church-related event. This means if they had a sniffly nose on Saturday morning they would need to wait and attend once they feel better for a full 24 hours prior to church service.

2. Distancing of 3ft. between masked individuals 5-years-old and up is recommended. Distancing will not be a requirement in preschool rooms.

3. Masks are required for anyone 5-years-old and up. Masks are optional for anyone under 5-years-old.

4. Toys and high-touch surfaces will be sanitized as needed.

5. Kids and adults will be asked to use hand sanitizer or wash with soap and water prior to entering a classroom.



Serve with NWH KIDS! 

There are always so many ways to serve with NWH Kids including teaching, assisting in classrooms, helping with check-in, and more!
All volunteers are asked to fill out our children's ministry application and complete a background check.
Let us know that you are interested by filling out our online Serve card!