Growing Cultural Competency Workshop

Growing Cultural Competency Workshop - Monday, October 16

Would you like to feel more comfortable talking with the internationals you see at WinCo or Fred Meyer? Want to be a conversation partner or host internationals at Thanksgiving but are afraid of making faux pas? Then come to the Friends of Internationals (FOI) workshop on Monday, October 16, 7-9pm at First Baptist Church (corner of Jackson and 9th street). This is a terrific opportunity to grow your relational skills in interacting with folks from other cultures in ways that are winsome and effective. The workshop will explore topics of cultural awareness, knowledge, sensitivity, encounters and competency as we learn to care for the internationals in our community.

You can use your new relational skills from the workshop to host international students or scholars at your home for Thanksgiving (or a near-Thanksgiving meal). Watch for more info in coming weeks but be thinking about signing up to add chairs for two or more internationals at your table for the holiday. There are always many more internationals who want to experience this tradition in an American home than available hosts. For more information or to express interest in hosting, contact