STAFF INTRO: Meet Maria Daniels, NWH Youth Intern!


We reached out to Maria Daniels with some fun questions to get to know her a bit more!

How long have you known Jesus?
I have been a Christian since I was 5 years old!

Why did you choose the NWH Internship Program for this year?
I’ve always wanted to be more involved in youth ministry. I am student teaching right now, so I thought it would be cool to get to know the age group I’m teaching. I think that middle/high school is a super influential time in life, and I really want to be there for people in that age group. I also spent a lot of time praying about whether I should go for it or not, and ultimately felt a lot of peace about the decision. It’s an amazing opportunity, and I know that I’m here for a reason and there’s going to be a lot of growth and learning from this experience. I’m stoked to be a part of it!

What do you hope to do in ministry someday?
I for sure see myself continuing to volunteer with youth ministry. The reason I’m becoming a teacher is because I’m passionate about that age group, and it’s just a lot of fun! I’m also a firm believer that ministry isn’t confined to only serving in church. I hope to be a light as a teacher, and learn to serve in my job and to those around me outside of church as well.

If you could have any food at someone’s house in our church what would it be?
Honestly with the fullness of my schedule, making nice meals isn’t at the highest priority. I would be thankful for pretty much any home-cooked meal haha. But, if you want me to be more specific, I’m always a fan of a warm casserole, hamburgers, and good meat in general. I’m not picky at all!

Do you have a funny or favorite moment from the NWH Internship so far?
One of my favorite memories from the internship so far is when the interns had a fun little Canadian Thanksgiving. Another would be our backyard fire nights with smores and hotdogs. It’s been a lot of fun!

What is something that energizes you and fills you up as a human being?
I feel energized and filled up when I get to have meaningful conversations with people I love. I love being with people, but I also need time to be alone, read, and spend time in prayer to be filled up as well.

If someone asked – “How can I bless you?”, what would you say?
My love language is words of affirmation, so I always feel pretty loved/blessed if I receive a card. Also in this season of life, having nice food is always a blessing 😅 Some of my roommates have offered to make me food when my day is really busy, and I always appreciate that a lot!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I definitely want to travel overseas and have good, Italian pizza and experience all of those good things over there. But for a more realistic goal, I would love to go to the San Juan Islands someday!

Let’s say you have 3 hours on Saturday to WHATEVER you want. What would it be?
I am trying to spend my Saturdays Sabbathing, so I end up getting to do these things! Some of my favorite Saturday activities right now include going on a bike ride, going for a Fall walk, getting coffee (soon eggnog lattes!!), hanging out with people I love, reading and resting. I’m also always down to get out of the house and go for a little adventure!

We absolutely love having Maria on staff this year! She is such a joy to all who know her