STAFF INTRO: Meet Ellery Peterson, NWH Worship Intern!

Many of you may already know Ellery because, well, she grew up here at NWH or you have witnessed her incredible voice from the stage on Sundays!!

Ellery has a deep passion for worship and hopes to have the opportunity to continue to engage with worship ministry following this internship experience.

For many people, early mornings may be a dread, but for Ellery, they fill her up! Watching the sunrise energizes her along with spontaneous worship sessions with Worship Director, Justin, and fellow intern, Grace.

She is all about having intentional time with Jesus, spending time with family, serving, and feels blessed by surprise coffees and little notes.

If she could travel anywhere, she’d head to Soglio or Gimmelwald, Switzerland, or Africa. If she had to stay within the United States she’d check out North Carolina or Georgia. If she only had 3 hrs to do something fun, she’d probably hit up Goodwill, Target, or make the trek to Chik-fil-a for that Chik-fil-a sauce.

We absolutely love Ellery and feel blessed to have her on our 2020-21 intern team! This gal is going places and we can’t see the future doors God opens for her!

You may recognize Ellery in these contexts…