STAFF INTRO: Meet Kenzie Young, NWH Youth Intern

Hey everyone:  MEET KENZIE!

We have loved having Kenzie on the Intern Team this year! She hails from the great state of Texas and chose to do the NWH Internship for the opportunities to grow and to serve. She is definitely someone that really puts her heart and soul into what she’s doing and has been a blessing to the entire team. Kenzie hopes to make an impact on others the way that leaders and mentors have made an impact on her in whatever ministry capacity she serves following this internship.

Kenzie really values getting to know others in a genuine way and has loved getting to spend time with her fellow intern gals – living life together and growing deeper in community. She loves the outdoors, especially hunting, fishing, and hiking. When asked what fills her up, she shared “Jesus, Dr. Pepper, food! In that order!” She is a proud burger girl, so if you know how to grill a great hamburger, you know who to invite over.

If Kenzie could travel anywhere in the world it would be Europe but if she only had three hours to spare, she would head outside or watch a “happy” movie. If you see her at church, be sure to say hello and introduce yourself!