Every church is a little different. We try to make things easy for our guests to come check us out. Our services typically run about 65-75 minutes.


When you arrive, you will walk into the main lobby on the east side of the main courtyard. You will be greeted by friendly people from the church who can help answer questions if needed. We invite you to grab some coffee and strike up a conversation with someone or head into the main auditorium. There is a nursery and programs for preschool and elementary students at the 9am and 10:30am services. During the 10:30am service there is also a program for middle school and high school students located on the west side of our campus. Children can also choose to stay with their parents if they desire.


Attend Northwest Hills and you’ll see more styles of blue jeans than any trip to the mall. Our dress is casual and comfortable, although there are people who choose to dress up. Shorts in the summer, jeans in the winter.


There will always be some kind of live music. We use a mix of older hymns and more current songs. Everyone is welcome to join in singing or to listen and enjoy the music.


Every Sunday there will be a sermon preached. Typically about 35 minutes. This is typically done by one of our pastors. We are committed to treating the Bible with respect by reading within its literary and historical context, attempting to understand the author’s intent, dealing with the specific words, and by addressing how culture and our lives are related to the words of the Bible.

The Lord’s Supper

Typically each month we offer communion. This typically happens during the latter part of the service while music is being played. Communion is open to anyone who professes faith in Jesus Christ.


Guests should sit on their wallets and have no expectations to give monetarily. But for those who consider Northwest Hills their church you will find an offering box in our lobby as well as by the communion stations in our worship center.  The money given goes toward blessing our local communities, our nation, and the ends of the earth with the message of Jesus Christ.