OneStory Update + Serving Opportunity

Hello, NWH Family!

Exciting news! The OneStory Project with Peter and Diane is complete for the Banyadu people in Indonesia: 50K-100K people in West Kalimantan.

OneStory works with mother-tongue speakers to develop and record worldview-sensitive, chronological Bible “story sets” for each specific group — typically 20 to 30 stories – for unreached people groups made up primarily of oral learners who often have no written language.

All 28 stories have been crafted, approved, and professionally recorded. The next step is to distribute and promote the stories in fellowship groups and churches. It’s an exciting time!

Also, we’d like to create videos to go with the stories. We did this with the Taburta people, and there were well received. You can watch them here.  We’re looking for a few people who know a little bit about video editing to help. You do NOT need to be an expert. If you’re interested, reach out to James Furlo or contact the church office to learn how you can get involved. (Here is a video directly from James!)

Phase 2 Plan for NWH


Hello, Northwest Hills,

As many of you have likely heard, Benton county has been approved for Phase 2 reopening. The Phase 2 reopening in Oregon allows for us to have limited in-person gatherings (services). We will be following the State of Oregon guidelines and best practices which for us means:



  • We can have up to 100 people per service.
  • Face coverings will be required for everyone over 2 years old.Children will need to stay with their family units and therefore there will be no childcare or kids’ classes.
  • There will be limited singing participation.
  • If you have a pre-existing health condition or are in a high-risk category we encourage you to continue to participate via our online services.

We understand that these conditions for gathering are not ideal. But, the risks related to Coronavirus are still real and we want to be a responsible member of our community. We appreciate your cooperation with these conditions for participation.

Until we can resume gathering together without restrictions we will continue to provide full online services. Starting on June 21 we will have two services on Sunday mornings at 9am and 11am.  We encourage you to arrive up to 10 minutes before the service starts so that we have plenty of time to get everyone settled while maintaining social distancing.

For those of you with young children…you are welcome to bring the whole family to these services. We will be adjusting the service to be a bit more kid friendly and we will provide activity packets for kids. If you would like, you are welcome to bring an electronic device and headphones so that your children can watch the kids’ church video during the service. There will also be a separate room available where the service will be streamed if you need to allow your child to move around a bit.

We have created an online survey asking if you plan to attend any of the services in June. If you haven’t had a chance to fill out the survey yet, we ask that you please do so. You can access the survey here and get up-to-date information on services for each week at This information is helping us to accommodate allowing as many of you as possible who want to attend a service. After the first two weeks we will evaluate if we need to modify our service types or times.

We are looking forward to seeing you face to face in the coming weeks.


Office hours
The church office is open to the public. Our goal is to have someone available in the office Monday-Thursday, 9am-3pm. Because we are operating on reduced office staff hours, there may be periods when the office is closed even during the scheduled hours. Therefore we encourage you to call the office (541-758-7688) ahead of a visit to ensure that someone will be here to assist you. We appreciate your understanding if we miss you.

Please continue to pray along with us for our government and community leaders to make wise decisions and that the spread of Covid 19 will be held in check.  Also pray for our health care workers, essential workers, and those who have been directly impacted by the effects of the virus.

We look forward to seeing more of you as time goes on!

-Your Ministry Staff

Pastor Josh – A Few Thoughts on Current Events


NWH Family,

As a church who loves Jesus and therefore should be committed to loving our city, our country and our world, it is important that we are involved in the conversations that our culture is involved in. We want to bring truth and love where there is hurt, lies and sin.

The death of George Floyd is a horrific, inexcusable tragedy. The hatred and ensuing violence in response is also awful. The good that is coming through this however are the conversations about racism, racial subjugation and social inequality.

These are challenging conversations in a country with such a dark history in regard to racism but ones we must have. We must ask questions today like “Why does racism still continue to happen and what can we as a nation do to stop this? I want to share just a few brief thoughts from our study in Exodus that address these very topics.

Two weeks ago May 24, as we studied Exodus chapter 1 we asked the questions; “What led Egypt to enslave the Hebrews?” and ”How do we face the same struggles today?” The next day George Floyd was killed fueling the conversations about racism and hate. I do not believe it is an accident that we were studying Exodus 1.

Racism and racial subjugation begin with pride. For Egypt, we saw that it began with pride toward the Hebrew herdsman. Genesis 46:34 “…for every shepherd is an abomination to the Egyptians.” This prideful attitude led the Egyptians to separate themselves from the Hebrews.  Later all relationships were lost when Joseph died and was no longer working with the Pharaoh. Once relationships were lost suspicion and fear began to take over. Fear led to suppression, suppression led to genocide.

The exact same sinful slope exists today from pride to loss of relationship to suspicion and fear, to persecution to genocide.

Pride is the original sin that leads any person to believe that they are superior to others and it was pride that started our country down a dark road 400 years ago. The question remains what can we do about this today? As we are painfully aware, this is a significant question with many different applications. I have been asking myself “What can I do about this?” I challenge you to ask the same question of yourself.

We can begin by reversing the slope. If pride breaks relationships and isolates which leads to suspicion and fear, we can do the opposite. Out of love, every human can build relationships with those who are different than themselves. We can all work to hear each other’s stories, empathize, grieve with each other, and lament with each other over our hurts pains and fears. We can work with each other to empower one another and help each other get the love, support and dignity all humanity deserves. Jesus said it best when he said to love me, is to love your neighbor. May we be a church who loves and lives like Jesus by knowing ALL our neighbors and loving them like Jesus would.

Pastor Josh Carstensen

Meet the Summer Interns!

Hey everybody,

Pastor Gary here inviting you to join me in welcoming our three summer youth interns: Chris, Mason and Dylan!

All three young men are from Texas and will be spending eight weeks here in the Pacific Northwest serving alongside our youth team at Northwest Hills. I have known each of these young men for several years and can attest to their relationship with God and their desire to use their unique God-given abilities for his purposes. Each have been involved in serving in various volunteer roles such as worship team, set-up/tear-down crew, building and grounds, audio, video production, camp team, as well as speaking and leading. I am stoked for this opportunity for our church and for these young men! Our goal for these eight weeks is to train them, invest in them, and give them unique opportunities to serve and lead in the local church.

We are excited to provide an opportunity for them to grow and thrive and consider them a big blessing to our ministry this summer! Most of all, it will be a joy to send them out after this summer to Love Jesus, Live like Jesus, and Make Him Known!

Phase 1 Plan for NWH


Hello, Northwest Hills,

The worldwide effort to limit the Covid 19 outbreak continues to impact almost all areas of life.  As many of you have likely heard, Benton county has been approved for Phase 1 reopening. Phase 1 allows for groups of up to 25 people to meet in-person as long as 6 feet of social distancing can still be maintained. Sadly, we still won’t be able to all meet together for church services yet but this easing of the restrictions provides the possibility for smaller groups to begin meeting in-person. There are a number of areas where this will have an immediate impact on our ministry.

Small group meetings
The group limit of up to 25 people now provides the opportunity for some community groups, Bible studies, or other small groups to resume meeting in-person. Because there are many complexities to each group’s composition and situation, we are not setting a blanket protocol for how all groups should handle this. We are not continuing the restriction of all groups from meeting in-person but neither are we saying all groups should resume meeting in-person. We ask that you prayerfully consider, with your entire group, how to best handle this for your group. Please take into consideration that it will be difficult to maintain 6 feet of social distancing in most homes even if your group size is well under 25 people. Also, consider the vulnerability of each group member based on their age and health status as well as how to handle any children that might be present. 

Office hours
The church office will now be open to the public for those who need/want to drop by for anything ministry or business purposes. Our goal is to have someone available in the office Monday-Thursday, 9am-3pm. Because we are operating on reduced office staff hours, there may be periods when the office is closed even during the scheduled hours. Therefore we encourage you to call the office (541-758-7688) ahead of a visit to ensure that someone will be here to assist you. We appreciate your understanding if we miss you.

This situation is constantly evolving. As a staff we are discussing how we can best leverage the opportunities and increasing allowances to do ministry closer to “normal”.  Phase 1 reopening doesn’t allow for dramatic changes to what we have been doing over the last couple months and Sunday services will continue to be online only. We are considering options for small groups to meet on the NWH campus where we have rooms that may more easily accommodate adhering to the social distancing guidelines. We will communicate this potential opportunity to groups as we gather more information. 

Please continue to pray along with us for our government and community leaders to make wise decisions and that the spread of Covid 19 will be held in check.  Also pray for our health care workers, essential workers, and those who have been directly impacted by the effects of the virus.

We look forward to seeing more of you as time goes on!

-Your Ministry Staff

NWH Women’s Opportunities & Updates

Hello, Women of Northwest Hills!

We hope that your fall is off to a beautiful start and you and your family are settling into the new routine that often comes with the start of school and a new season.

With the changing of the seasons, a lot has changed at NWH since we last met in the spring for our Dream Big event. We, as a team, are thrilled to have Josh Carstensen as our Senior Pastor as we strive to Love Jesus, Live Like Jesus, and Make Him Known!

If you attended the NWH Summit this past Sunday evening, you may have gotten a sneak peek at what women’s ministry will look like this year!
Our hope and focus is that all members of NWH would be active in church, practicing the spiritual disciplines, participating in a community group, and serving!

As a women’s team, we are going to do what we can to support those four areas of ministry with a female flavor! In addition to that we are offering two NWH WOMEN FOCUS GROUPS. These are extra opportunities for women to grow with women by studying the Word of God, forming discipleship relationships, and encouraging one another in their walk with the Lord.  If you would like to sign up for either of the focus groups, the following information will be helpful.

Bible study focus group.
This fall we will be learning about God’s desire for the church, our part in it, and how to apply the importance of biblical community in our lives through Whitney Capps’ study: “WE OVER ME: Letters of Hope from Revelation”. 

Wednesday Nights: 6:30pm – 8:00pm, Starting October 2
Led by Ruth Nelson
This group study will run October 2 – November 20 in Room D7

Thursday Mornings: 9:30am – 11:30am, Starting October 3
Led by Wendy Evans
This group study will run October 3 – November 21 in Room D7

How to join.

The cost of the study guide is $14. Please feel free to reach out to us if the cost is a concern for you. We would love to have you, all are welcome!
God is doing great things at NWH and we can’t wait to watch Him continue to change lives as we focus in on Loving Jesus, Living Like Jesus, and Making Him Known!

With much love,
The NWH Women Leadership Team
Carissa Larson, Patty Ollerenshaw, Cristina Richards, Kasey Cleary, & Olivia Bulman

Updates from Pastor Josh

The 2018-19 ministry year ended with us ABOVE BUDGET in giving. Considering the year we’ve had, this is especially encouraging! Thank you for giving generously.

Music Team Changes:
Justin “JJ” Jackson now has the title “Music Director” and Alex Valle-Lopez “Production Director”. The primary difference NWHers will see on Sunday mornings is Justin leading music three times/month and Alex one time/month. Justin and Alex will continue to work very closely together in providing an environment conducive to worshipping our awesome God.

Youth Program Update:
We have a Youth Pastor candidate visiting NWH over the weekend of September 22!! This is very exciting and yet we also appreciate those currently serving faithfully in the Student Ministry. Thank you to John & Wendy Evans for the excellent leadership with the Middle School students and staff. High School recently received new leadership in volunteers Justin & Wyndser Jackson who will come alongside and help with our volunteer High School staff. We appreciate you!

Be Praying:
Soon we will roll out specific options for places to serve and opportunities to connect at NWH. Be praying about what God has for you this Fall.

Prayer for Timothy Retreat & Team

Our Timothy Retreat Team – made up of Steve & Mary Mock and Arlene Amick – is off to Uganda for two weeks. They will arrive in Entebbe on Friday, November 30 and will travel 10 hours to Soroti on Saturday, December 1. Their trip will include a purposeful visit with missionaries Daniel and Rachel Graham, a goat distribution, and the annual retreat. They return on December 13. Lots of prayer is needed and appreciated for travel mercies, health, effectiveness, blessings, open hearts, etc. We can travel in prayer with them using their prayer calendar.

Labor Day Teaching

Main Point:

A person is a fool to store up earthly wealth but not be rich toward God.  Life is not measured by how much you own.

Missed something?  Find it here:

View PDF of Sunday’s slides.

Check out the procrastination TED talk:

When the audio/video is posted it will be linked here.

For further study:

A great book on heaven, eternal rewards, and being rich toward God: Going for the Gold (amazon link).  If you are interested in reading this book but cannot afford it, please let me know and I can get you a copy.

Learn about Jim Elliot who famously penned: “he is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose”.

Insider Investment Info:

It has been widely published for a couple thousand years—but few people are long on these ideas.  Here 10 hot tips and their sources.  If you scour the surrounding source material you can find additional tips.

  1. Minister to those in need. (Matthew 10:42, Hebrews 6:10)
  2. Sacrifice to follow Christ. (Matthew 19:27-29)
  3. Give without fanfare. (Matthew 6:1-4)
  4. Accept abuse for the sake of Christ (Matthew 5:11-12)
  5. Pray in secret. (Matthew 6:5-6)
  6. Invest in the lives of those who minister in the Word. (Galatians 6:6-7)
  7. Engage in spiritual activity without fanfare. (Matthew 6:16-18)
  8. Love your enemies by being willing to help them. (Luke 6:35)
  9. Give hearty service to the Lord and not just to please men. (Colossians 3:23-24)
  10. Entertain those who cannot repay you. (Luke 14:12-14)

The hard question:

Do you invest more into your retirement (employer contributions, stock options, 401ks, IRAs, eta) than you give charitably?  Does that say anything about your own internal standards?


School Supplies and Gift Card Drive

Northwest Hills will continue our partnership with Hoover School by hosting our own School Supply Drive for Hoover. In addition, we will be collecting gift cards for students (District-wide) whose families are experiencing financial difficulties. Buy items now and bring them to the Lobby or the church office during the week. Last day to bring items is Sunday, August 19. Pick up a list of needed items at the table in the Lobby. Contact Wendy Evans if you have questions.

Hoover Wish list:

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
Hand Sanitizer
1” Plastic Band-Aids (no latex please)
Ziploc Bags – sandwich size
Ziploc Bags – gallon size
White Copy Paper
Kid Scissors – Blunt
Kid Scissors – Pointed
Spiral Notebook (single subject, wide-rule) – Red Cover
Spiral Notebook (single subject, wide-rule) – Blue Cover
Spiral Notebook (single subject, wide-rule) – Green Cover
Spiral Notebook (single subject, wide-rule) – Yellow Cover

Gift Cards in the denomination of your choice (WinCo, Bi-Mart, K-Mart, gas, etc.) or you can provide money that will be used to purchase gift cards.

Foster Closet Update

The Foster Closet, a Gap Ministry of Love INC, is housed here at NWH. And it is going STRONG! Donations continue to flood in, almost quicker than they can be sorted and inventoried. Earlier this week, a staff member dropped by, excited to "shop" for a family with needs. She mentioned some things to keep in mind when donating.     

In addition, if you are interested in volunteering to sort, inventory, and select items for families, please call the church office or email us at   


Welcoming a New Elder

We welcome Jack Glubrecht to the NWH Elder Team!

Jack and his wife, Mel (Melanie), have attended our church since 1981. Jack has been on staff at NWH in various capacities--paid and volunteer--for many years. He has also served on the Love INC Board for fourteen years and as President of the Board from 2012-2018.

Jack has a Bachelor's degree in Christian Education from Western Baptist College (now Corban University).

Growing up in a Christian home and being discipled and trained by other Christian men have been significant blessings in Jack's life. He credits learning the meaning and importance of "church family" to the care shown by the NWH body after he broke his neck in a boating accident (while leading a middle school retreat) in 1982.  

Jack says that he is "humbled to be serving as an elder ... and trusts in God alone to supply the strength and wisdom to do so." The essence of Jack's walk with Jesus can be found in 2 Corinthians 12:9: "He has said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you for power is perfected in weakness.' Mostly gladly therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me." 

Men’s Camp 2018 – the Inside Scoop!

How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in fellowship (Ps 133:1)

OR…when brothers come together for NWH Men’s Camp. That is what 54 men did on the last weekend in January of this year at Grove Christian Camp in Dorena, OR. What a wonderful mix of men. Old, young, and some in the middle. Men pretty new to the faith, some who have kept in step with the Spirit for a long time and, thankfully, one or two looking to satisfy their spiritual hunger and thirst. I really appreciated that age and spiritual maturity spread. It made for excellent sharing in our group gatherings and precipitated lively conversations in small groups or one-on-one during informal periods.

You might ask, “What happens at Men’s Camp?” My answer is, “Manly” stuff.

Ben Hoffman and band lead us in some powerful worship prior to each session. I thought the way they mixed the old and the new praise songs and some hymns together was special. A bunch of men singing to the Lord is a wonderful thing.

We had four teaching sessions, two with Pastor Mike and two with Pastor Josh. All were presented in an informal style with discussion and questions encouraged. My three “manly” take-a-ways: Give my life over to the Holy Spirit each day so that I might live wisely and live well; Use time wisely to cultivate deep, loving relationships; The spiritual and physical benefits of a Sabbath rest each week. Spiritual steps every Christian can take toward godly living.

Chain saws roared, bleaching out blue smoke. Axes, hammers and sledges rang out as they chopped, hacked, and hammered. Big, I mean. BIG fires burned as they were piled high with limbs that covered much of the open ground of the camp. The winter storms and recent logging had left a huge mess on the property. Our service project was to clear a small portion of the area of fallen trees, and limbs, big and small, from those still standing, and to rake and level areas where big vehicles had left big trenches moving some of the bigger logs and limbs out of the way. Everyone had a job. It was dirty. It was muddy. It rained. We got dirty. It was hard. The men loved it. They cleared and cleaned an area much larger than the one that had been assigned. For me, this was the greatest “fellowship” activity we had this year.

The pace of camp was great. We had time. Time to rest. Time to worship. Time to learn. Time to share with one another. Time to PLAY. One afternoon we were given several manly activities to choose from according to age, stage and desire: a waterfall hike, shooting pistols and/or rifles, board games, nap, hang out with a friend. Four or five hours to do what you wanted to do with like-minded guys. Marvelous.

Marvelous. The word causes me to think of the food we ate. Fred Woekel planned the menu, bought supplies, transported them to camp and cooked wonderful, healthy, delicious meals. I believe that every man that attended camp would agree that meal time was a camp highlight.

Oh, yes. We were fed well, spiritually and physically. The worship was sweet, the fellowship deep. We learned from the Word how to live well and live wisely, keeping in step with the Holy Spirit. We worked hard and played hard. Manly stuff moving us toward godliness. I’m looking forward to next year!

Yours truly, Don Snow, a man of 8+ decades and going strong!

Refreshed Mission

Our leadership team has been working on refreshing our sense of mission, vision, and core values. Rather than simply buy a book from a large successful church and copy their strategy we have been praying and asking God for clarity in what He would have for us to do uniquely here in Corvallis and in the Mid-Valley.

We have identified 5 core values that are historically consistent with the ethos of our church. These serve as guides to keep us on track as we engage and serve in this world.

  • Bible-Based – we rely on the Bible, God’s Word, as the authority for faith and practice.
  • Gospel-Centered – we share of the Gospel, (Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead) in everything we do.
  • Missionally-Driven – we are driven to be a part of what God is doing here in our city and around the world.
  • Community-Focused – we are focused both on the needs of our faith community as well as the needs of the community around us.
  • Prayer-Fueled – we acknowledge that everything is possible with God and nothing is possible without Him.

God already has given every church a mission. It is right from the pages of the Bible. We simply distilled two great passages – the Great Commandment (Mathew 22:37-39) and the Great Commission (Mathew 28:18-20) into a simple statement: Our Passion is to love our neighbors and to learn together how to know and to live like Jesus.  

You can learn more about this mission by checking out these videos: part 1 & part 2.

Red Cross Blood Drive @ NWH March 21

Joann Stutzman and Northwest Hills Health Ministry would like to invite you to our upcoming blood drive held here are Northwest Hills Community Church. “Every 2 seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood”—your donation makes a difference! Schedule an appointment for Wednesday, March 21, 10:30am to 3:30pm by visiting (use sponsor code: NWHillsCorvallis) or call American Red Cross at 1-800-733-2767. Hope to see you there!

It is About the Kids

A big THANK YOU to all those who helped bless others this holiday season!

Eight families were blessed with Thanksgiving Food Boxes and WinCo Cards.

  • Hoover School Families received three Food Boxes along with three $50 WinCo Cards.
  • One Food Box with two $50 WinCo Cards blessed one of our own Northwest Hill members.
  • Two Love INC families received $50 WinCo Cards.
  • $50 WinCo Cards blessed two of our own Northwest Hill members.

With the continued generosity of our church family, the Christmas Giving Tree provided:

  • Eighteen gifts to nine children at Hoover School.
  • Twelve $15 Fred Meyer gift cards for gifts for teens at the Love INC Christmas Store.

Both holiday giving opportunities were coordinated by Bonny Ray.

Friends of the Family FREE Christmas Concert

Friends of the Family, a NWH ministry partner, invites you to a special evening of contemporary Celtic music! Enjoy music performed by Windham Hill/Ark Music recording artists Jeff Johnson (keys &vocal), Brian Dunning (flutes & whistles), Wendy Goodwin (violin) and Eric Miller (guitar). Special guests: Comerford School of Irish Dance, Corvallis.

A donation opportunity is given for Friends of the Family, but the concert is FREE. For more information see:

1 2