Support for the Caregiver Group

Do you help out a friend, neighbor, or family member with daily activities they are physically unable to do? You are a caregiver! Would you like to meet with others that do the same, either full-time or now-and-then? The Support for the Caregiver group is for you. We meet to talk, laugh, seek advice, share advice and pray for and with one another. If you know someone that would benefit from this group, let them know too. We meet the third Sunday of each month at 4pm, here at Northwest Hills in room D7.



Love on Internationals in Our Midst this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a perfect and fun opportunity for to bless international students of Corvallis. Families are needed to host two or more international students in their home for Thanksgiving. Share a meal and the love of Jesus! Many of OSU’s 4,500 international students and visiting scholars would love to be invited to an American home. Everyone who hosted students last year reported being blessed by the experience. If you want more information or know you are interested in being paired internationals to share a meal on or near Thanksgiving Day, please fill out the form below by November 12.

Health Ministry Update

Health Ministry Update

by Joann Stutzman, RN

Health Ministry Definition: Health Ministry in a faith community is an approach to wholeness and health that strives to strengthen the congregation/community. It stresses wellness, health promotion, and disease prevention by connecting the congregational/community resources and partnerships. It focuses on body, mind, and spirit for the health and healing of the community.

In Pastor Mike’s recent sermon he stated, “Eat Clean, Rest Well and Exercise Regularly.” That also is the approach the Health Ministry of NWH takes. To encourage health/wellness activities Health Ministry offers monthly blood pressure screenings on the second Sunday of each month in the church office between services, 10:10-10:30am. The next screening is October 8. Blood pressure screening and monitoring is a heart healthy measurement to assess and monitor how well the heart is working. During these screenings, any health questions are addressed. Referrals are encouraged. Bret Ray, Joyce Christopher and I will answer your health questions, and will happily do research to best address your situation.

Twice a year Health Ministry partners with the American Red Cross. On September 28, NWH hosted a successful Blood Drive! We obtained 23 whole blood donations, exceeding our goal of 19. We also had the Power Red machine available where people with O-, A and B- blood types can give double the amount of red cells with each donation. We acquired 2 units of Power Red. Good Job NWH! Giving blood offers life to many people in many health crisis situations. Thank you for giving!

Annually Health Ministry hosts the Dental Van from Love INC, offering dental services to those in our community who do not have dental insurance and have a referral from Love INC. A wonderful partnership has been established with Love INC.

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month –The PINK month — and so I am advocating that women get screened. 3D Mammography is available in our community. And every woman over the age of 40 is recommended to be screened yearly. 3D Mammography is new to our community and has shown to detect up to 41% more invasive cancers and has 15% less call backs for additional scans than the traditional 2D mammogram. Wow! That is great news. If anyone has questions about mammography please ask me or your primary care provider.

To Your Better Health,
from your NWH Health Ministry Team:
Bret Ray, Joyce Christopher and Joann Stutzman

Growing Cultural Competency Workshop

Growing Cultural Competency Workshop - Monday, October 16

Would you like to feel more comfortable talking with the internationals you see at WinCo or Fred Meyer? Want to be a conversation partner or host internationals at Thanksgiving but are afraid of making faux pas? Then come to the Friends of Internationals (FOI) workshop on Monday, October 16, 7-9pm at First Baptist Church (corner of Jackson and 9th street). This is a terrific opportunity to grow your relational skills in interacting with folks from other cultures in ways that are winsome and effective. The workshop will explore topics of cultural awareness, knowledge, sensitivity, encounters and competency as we learn to care for the internationals in our community.

You can use your new relational skills from the workshop to host international students or scholars at your home for Thanksgiving (or a near-Thanksgiving meal). Watch for more info in coming weeks but be thinking about signing up to add chairs for two or more internationals at your table for the holiday. There are always many more internationals who want to experience this tradition in an American home than available hosts. For more information or to express interest in hosting, contact

Is Brazil in Your Future?

Is Brazil in Your Future?

Every December Northwest Hills sends a short-term mission team to Brazil to serve with Restoration Ministries in the slums of Sao Paulo. Now is the time to begin praying about your participation in this exciting ministry. Watch for further announcements in the Sunday Program and in this blog. In addition, one of our just-graduated high school students spent time this summer serving and helping with the ministry. Here is a quote from a recent Restoration newsletter about her:

We had Kambria Heede from Northwest Hills Community Church in Corvallis, Oregon serve with us for 6 weeks. She was very involved with the kids and you could see her compassion for them. Kambria really connected with the families during our home visits by impacting them through her love for Christ. It was also great to see how the Lord changed her during the 6 weeks of serving with Restoration Ministries.”

To learn more about Restoration Ministries Brazil, check out their webpage or see their Facebook page at “Restoration Ministries Brazil”.

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