Peter and Diane are working among Indonesian people who have no Bible in their native language.

For 30+ years of Peter's adult life, he's had a career as an electrical design engineer.  Diane raised their 7 children as an at-home mom for most of their marriage.  In the early years of their marriage, they served in short-term support roles in Indonesia for a total of 6.5 years when their children were young.  Then in 2012, after calling Corvallis their home for more than 20 years, they felt God leading them again to switch life direction.  After a period of investigation, they were led by God to the OneStory ministry and headed out once more, in July 2013, for destination Indonesia.

Now OneStory is not actually a sending organization.  Instead it is an oral method, used by multiple like-minded Bible translation organizations, for conveying God's word to the Bibleless language groups around the world.  This approach eliminates the literacy barrier that many people would otherwise face if they were given just the written Gospel.

Peter and Diane have been working alongside mother tongue speakers to create stories in Papua, Indonesia since 2013.  In September 2017 they moved to Kalimantan to create a story set with a new team there.