Timothy Project

The Timothy Project is administered by CLIDE Consultancy and Dr. Valery Shean, in partnership with churches in Oregon. The purpose of the project is to increase educational opportunities for disadvantaged, yet spiritually growing young Christians, so that they can mature as strong Christian leaders in their communities.

This ministry supports students in Karamoja and Teso, Uganda. Needy students who have demonstrated great spiritual and intellectual potential are given assistance to pay for their school fees, school supplies, and room and board at school. Most of them are street kids, orphans, pastors’ children or disadvantaged youth.

Gifts are given in the form of sponsorships and are based on merit as well as need. Needy students apply for assistance by submitting an essay explaining their need and family situation, as well as their grade reports and recommendations from their pastor and the principal of their school. They are encouraged to be in the top 10% of their class, have personally received Jesus Christ as their Savior, and have an interest in serving the Lord through their future profession. Students with the highest potential are selected after completing a personal interview and an assessment of their spiritual life and educational goals.

There are some wonderful students in the Timothy Project with great potential to rise above their circumstances and shine for the Lord.

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