Lindsey has been a part of Northwest Hills church all her life (and we still have her parents in our congregation). She has been one of our ministry partners since 2011 when she embarked on her ministry in France.

Lindsey serves in a south central coastal city of France where she pursues supporting ministry roles in evangelism and discipleship as well as the multiplication of French leaders. She organizes outreach and debate events for the college group at her local church as well as disciples potential leaders in this same group. She has created an evangelistic tool in the form of American baking workshops where a six-week course outlines the basics of the Christian faith while teaching participants how to bake American treats.  She has hopes of sharing this tool with other French Christians all over the country as an innovative way to present the person of Jesus to non-believers. She currently does these six-week workshops in her home with people in her city. Her main passion is to make Jesus' name known in France and see healthy churches then reproduce themselves in all the corners of the country.