Timothy Project Sponsorship

The costs for schooling vary according to the education level and the institution:

  • Grade School (P1-P4)
    $250/year ($21/mo)
  • Middle School (P5-P7)
    $300/year ($25/mo)
  • High School (S1-S6)
    $600/year ($50/mo)
  • Trade School
    $1000/year ($85/mo)
  • University
    $1500-$3000/year ($125-$250/mo)

These costs include room and board for the student as well as notebooks, pens, medical fees, school uniforms, and bedding. Discipleship opportunities for the children are provided as well as counseling and extra-curricular activities.

Payment in one annual installment will reduce administrative work, but quarterly or monthly payments are accepted. An automatic giving plan can be arranged with Northwest Hills. Partial or group sponsorship is available.

Send sponsorship form form to:
Northwest Hills Community Church
3300 NW Walnut Blvd
Corvallis OR 97330

Once a sponsorship form is received, the Timothy Project Coordinator will contact you with information about students available for sponsorship and payment details.