Love Jesus. Live Like Jesus. Make Him Known.


Northwest Hills is all about Jesus. Loving Jesus, living like Jesus, and making Him known is the heartbeat of Northwest Hills Community Church both as a church family and as individuals. We invite you to join us in this mission and vision and let it infuse every part of your life. It's a journey and here at Northwest Hills, we are on this journey together.


So, what does it mean to love Jesus. live like Jesus, and make Him known?

Love Jesus

To know Jesus is to love Jesus.


Commit to Sundays.

Actively taking part in church each Sunday and hearing the truth of the Bible deepen our love for Him. On Sundays, as a church family, we remind ourselves who we are and whose we are. As we worship and hear the Bible shared we are encouraged in our growth and hunger for Jesus for the coming week.


Practice the Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual disciplines are practices, that can be found in the Bible, that help promote spiritual growth in the Christian's life. These included prayer, silence and solitude, sabbath (a day of rest), fasting, Bible reading and meditation, celebration, and many more. These practices become the rhythms of our lives and are practiced out of love for Jesus.

These disciplines are not a means to salvation, which is a free gift from God, but help attune our hearts to His in our daily lives.


Live Like Jesus.

We see Christ's commitment to community and service in His ministry and as a church, we are committed to living like Him in two specific ways: Community Groups and serving.

Join a Community Group.

Community Groups are small groups within Northwest Hills where we commit to living out our walk with Jesus together. In our groups, we serve, enjoy a meal together, study scripture, encourage one another, pray, and tackle difficult questions. Community Groups serve to mobilize the church and to connect people with one another.

Check out our Community Groups! 



Service is also a foundational element of our living like Jesus pursuit. Each individual has unique giftings and passions from God and serving is a great way to not only discover your spiritual gifts but also live them out as you connect with and bless others.

Learn more about serving at NWH!

Make Him Known.

Live it out.

A natural response to living out our faith in Jesus is to extend His love to those around us. In all that we do and every circumstance we find ourselves in, we strive to follow Jesus' example. Our desire is to bring the good news of salvation to the world. We do this as a church family by being generous with our giftings and resources, loving our neighbors, and clearly communicating the gospel.

We want Jesus to be known in our community and beyond as we live out the gospel individually and as a church.