Love Jesus. Live like Jesus. Make Him Known.

More than a building on Walnut Blvd– we are a family of believers in Jesus. Whether we are camping out on the beach in Newport, or serving out in our community, or simply enjoying a Beaver football game we are family.

We are a family where…
… you’re never pressured to say, sign, or give anything
… you can dress the way you want
… children receive special care in our Children’s Ministry
… an hour on Sunday can make a difference throughout the week

We are a church that…
Believes the Gospel, the Gospel that says God made the world and everything in it. God made it good but we sinned, we rebelled against God and rejected his authority. Our relationship with God became broken, which necessitated separation and punishment. This is why we experience so much hurt, pain, loss and death in this world.

God took our problem and made it his responsibility, and sent Jesus to the world to show us what true love and beauty really is, as he showed in his perfect life. Also, Jesus was sent to pay for our rejection of God by dying on the cross in place of us, bringing forgiveness and restoration to everyone who believes this reality. As we receive this gift from Jesus we are called to live a life of grace and truth in every aspect of our lives as we become followers of Jesus.