Our congregation is sending out two short-term teams this season. The first team is serving in Uganda to put on a spiritual retreat for the orphan Timothy students that our NWH missionary Val Lomio has connected us with.  They will also assist CLIDE (the African ministry that Val started, now led by NWH missionary Moses Otim) with a goat distribution to widows and others in need.  The other team will travel to São Paulo, Brazil, to work with our missionaries Ireni and Paulo Mota. This team will serve 11 to 14-year-olds at “Camp California” and work alongside Restoration Ministry staff to make Christmas happen for 300 children from the slums. Prayer and financial support are needed to enable these missions to happen effectively. The total financial need for both projects is $26,000. If you would like to serve as a sender financially, you may designate a gift to Northwest Hills for “Fall Missions.”

The total of $26,000 will fund:

Brazil Team (50% of trip cost plus 100% of Team leader)  $12,600 (6 members plus ministry costs)
Uganda Timothy Retreat          $8,200 (5 days for 150 people) (Uganda Team pays their own travel costs)
Uganda Goat Distribution         $3,000 (Purchase of approximately 70 goats for widows and orphans)
Pastor Josh costs to go to Uganda  $2,200
Any extra funds above the amount needed for the fall trips will be contributed to help meet the $25,000 shortfall of the Timothy Student school fees for 2018.