Kid's Weekly Church Video:


Family Devotions Resources

  • Join other families from NWHills in reading through the Bible with your kids.
  • Read two stories a week from the "God's Story for Me” Bible.
  • Talk about the discussion questions with your kids.
  • Chart your progress on a fun sticker sheet.

If you have questions or if you need a copy of the "God's Story for Me" Bible
email Mark Curtis.


NWH Kids is the children’s ministry at Northwest Hills. While you’re enjoying our church service, our awesome team of hard-working, fun-loving volunteers will make sure that your kids are learning about Jesus, laughing, and having fun. (By the way, you’ll also be learning about Jesus, laughing, and having fun.)

When you visit Northwest Hills for the first time, stop by the Welcome Desk in the lobby or right out front. A friendly volunteer will meet you, answer any questions, and walk your family to each child’s classroom to meet their teachers. When kids see how kind their teachers are and a room full of fun activities, their apprehension usually melts away. But if not, you’re welcome to hang out in the class with them until they get comfortable.

We think that Sunday morning should be one of the highlights of your child’s week, so we divide kids into age-appropriate classes, from the Nursery up through 5th Grade, so that we can engage them on their level. Depending on the class, they may play games, act out Bible stories, make crafts, solve puzzles, or even learn about God through a science experiment. To learn more about the ministry to each age group, click any of the FAQ links below: